Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Each of our domains features an advertisement from a single, international business which offers services that may be useful for growing currently operating companies or helping start ups establish themselves. Each offers companies a marketing platform for their creative work, with a commission / fee charged after sales that the services handle and fulfill.

Gig work on Fiverr, authorship on KDP and custom printed products on Zazzle are priced by their creators and continue to earn for as long as those creators want. Higher earnings result when social media is used to promote the products and services, but on-site searches can produce adequate sales to “window shoppers”

Taking the time to review their sites can provide valuable information and ideas for entrepreneurs at any level. Whether you become a paying customer or limit yourself to window shopping, you’ll gain valuable insights into a wide variety of services, products and presentations that you can use on those sites or elsewhere. 

The advertisement featured on Where is Robyn? is for free ebook downloads from 100s of authors.  Even if you don’t like our book downloads, the free ebooks have thousands of useful and entertaining books that you will probably enjoy.

If publishing a book is in your future, KDP.Amazon.com connects easily from the ebook section.

Except for a short “free trial” period, Google Workspace comes with a relatively small fee. Its services, including Certificates, can be useful in creating and establishing a new business in tech or in securing employment with one of their many partnering companies.

This link  https://referworkspace.app.goo.gl/jKPT leads to detailed information, registration and a small discount. Training is at your pace and convenience, with six months being an average time necessary for Certification.