School of Hard Knocks

“Where is Robyn?” is a collection of various works of entertainment, education and philosophy which shaped the world in which we live today. All are available as free, PDF downloads for self-enlightenment, educational institutions or home schooling. No sign ups are required.

The service was originally created for the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood of Philadelphia, but everyone, from anywhere, is cordially invited to use our archive.

Elements of The Robin Hood Legends are central to every effort that advocates systemic replacement or revitalization. Most of those efforts originated as themes presented through whichever form of entertainment was preferred by average people at those times.

Over two hundred years ago, pamphlets and novels replaced plays as the preferred method for disseminating new ideas.

A capacity, and taste, for reading, gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others. It is the key, or one of the keys, to the already solved problems. And not only so.

The evolution of play audiences from common people to the rich reflects changing cultural and social dynamics. While plays were once accessible to all members of society, they have become more exclusive and catered to the tastes and preferences of the wealthy elite. In their written form, classic plays shifted away from public schools and now primarily enlighten and inspire students in elite private schools and colleges.

Lack of time and lack of money initiated the shift, so “Where is Robyn?” provides single page synopses of many of the important plays, at no charge, to re-introduce these masterpieces to non pampered scholars.

Each of these works is also available, in its entirety, with no fee, as a PDF download at '' and / or'

“If you understand yourself and you understand your adversary, you do not need to fear the outcome of one hundred conflicts” ----- Sun Tzu

Each synopsis, document or book has the potential to open your mind, or harden your current points of view. We recommend that you read (and re-read) only one synopsis per day to more-fully understand the messages that each author is trying to share with you.

Most of the selections were suggested by their role in the “Core Curricula” of many elite colleges, with the remainder being more recent, impactful works with a more general appeal.

(Spoiler Alert: The authors have many exciting ways to present proposals that all seem to focus on how everyone should treat each other fairly and how to fight back against those who don't.)